An Ever Growing Puzzle Called ‘Brands’

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By Amit Bajpayee:

The most used word in the world of marketing and especially in the world of advertising is Brand. The word ‘Brand’ has been defined in numerous ways by the specialists yet what exactly Brand or Branding stands for is a puzzle which is ever growing.

Why I say that Brand is a puzzle and it is ever growing? I have my own reasons and I want every reader of this blog to help me sort out this puzzle. Brands amuse me because when I observe carefully I find myself surrounded with countless brands. This blog is being written on a Sony VAIO laptop and my iPhone 5s lying next to it. While writing this blog, the shirt and trouser I am wearing is of Linen Club and Van Heusen respectively. My favourite Parker pen is present in my shirt pocket. I’ll make a candid confession. Even my innerwear is branded. Dixcy Scott underwear and my favourite Kothari vest are my permanent partners. Lee Cooper shoes to let me roam wherever I want. A Tissot timepiece tells me what time it is. My Titan eyewear are literally my eyes as I have -3.5 vision (or I should say lack of vision) in both eyes. My Samsung air conditioner is providing me comfort in the scorching heat of Nagpur. If I see further I find more brands around me. Dell desktops, Havells, HP printers, UMAX scanners, Voltas water dispenser etc. The moment I step out of my office I find my Mercedes parked along with other Marutis, Hyundais, Heros, Hondas and what not.

The point I am trying to make here is that Brands of every shape and size are essential ingredients of our everyday life. It startles me that why are we so much brand dependent. Consciously or sub-consciously we are governed by brands, aren’t we?

Hence, I request every reader of this blog to help me sort out this puzzle. I am not interested in the textbook definition or explanation of Brands. I want to know how you perceive Brands, how they are important for us and can we survive without them. Do dwell on this thought. Please write what you think in comments section.


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