Website Development: Website development is one of the main chunks of any digital marketing service and our agency is no exception. Websites can be of multiple pages (like ours) or simple microsites to anchor a specific campaign. Our design team, technical personnel and content writers work in tandem to create websites for you which are fast, fluid and totally secure.

Search Engine Optimization: Search engine optimization or SEO is an organic way to get your website feature higher in the search engine results. Some people are like, “In house content likh lenge, thode keywords daal denge, ho gaya SEO” (we will write the content in house, throw some keywords and we’re set) You need to run analytics, create back links which will drive traffic to you and much more. A wise technical expertise can do wonders to your SEO marketing and we’re here for that.

UI Designing: A sleek looking user interface or UI decides how long the user stays on your website/app and whether he will keep returning to it. A shabbily designed UI puts him off. Our team of designers creates user interfaces by paying close attention to colours, typography, user’s browsing habits. The end product is a beautiful trade-off between functionality and aesthetics.

Search Engine Marketing: This is a great way to list your business above the organic search results. Hence, your product or service flashes above the search results and are noticed better. At AAADiGi we employ the best tools to track popular keywords, make sure your ads rank higher in the searches and let users discover you.

Social Media Marketing: Lately everyone is on social media and amidst this boom brands share content, make meaningful emotional transactions that are of value to their customers. Lot of brands have been successfully doing so since very long. We can help you plan campaigns & measure their effectiveness, curate content, and in turn build a cadre of brand loyalists.

Email Marketing: Email marketing is a way to push your message through emails thus prompting purchase, enhancing brand awareness, opt for subscription or any other way email marketing can benefit your product or service. We use tools to send emails, track their effectiveness, submit reports so you know where your money went.

E-commerce: Online financial transactions have empowered buyers and sellers alike. People can buy and sell anything worldwide by pressing a few buttons, just like that. Through 3rd party e-commerce services we provide all services at one place. Setting up merchant accounts, secure payment gateways, SSL certificates at very minimal fees.