Amit- Chief Creative Officer

A veteran in the advertising game Amit is also an ex-army. Think of Don Draper right? Jokes apart, his understanding of the business and discipline guides the creative and strategic vision of the company.

Mayur- Director- Art

The oldest of the lot and the most revered, he pays a lot of attention to aesthetics. Simple like his persona, his simple design layouts will surely knock you off.

Chetan- Director- Sales & Marketing

Chetan handles sales and marketing at AAADiGi. Often you can find him either rehearsing his sales pitches or sharpening his PowerPoint presentations. When work requires him to be, he doubles up as the client servicing guy too.

Akash- Director- Operations

A commerce graduate, interacting with clients comes naturally to him. Meeting clients, briefing-debriefing, taking lot of phone calls and gulping copious amounts of tea in between form a part of his daily schedule.

Snehal- Content Specialist, Blogger & SEO Expert

When it comes to writing smallest bit of content or long copies, he’s your go to guy. Intensely researched, optimized content is his forte.

Shekhar- UI Designer

The serious type! However you are bound to be serious when you have 10 years of UI designing experience behind you and value your work so much.

Sneha- Visualizer

A fine arts graduate and recently returned from JJ Institute of Applied Arts Sneha is brimming with ideas. A one-on-one sit down with her gladdens you up as she talks about her work with child like pride.

Vikrant (Balu)- Accounts Manager

Vikrant better known as Balu handles the financial part of the business. TAN, VAT, PAN, TDS, P&L are his usual allies at work.

Jitendra- Client Servicing

He’s the liaison between client and office. Client servicing is a taxing job as the person to manage the expectations of clients as well as the team but Jitendra’s fine people skills make sure that every day is a great day at work for him.

Shreyansh- Web Developer

An incessant coder, he’s the guy who makes sure everything works fine behind the scenes. He’s also an encyclopedia of digital marketing in flesh and blood. Also a table tennis ace.